Psychotherapy for English Speaking

Psychotherapy and life coaching for English speaking 

Svetla1118If you, by any chance, are moving to or live in Bulgaria or you are planning to stay there for quite some time- then Life coaching or psychotherapy in English is something you may be interested in.

Moving to another country is a challenge for many people. You may not know the language, you may have problems understanding the customs here, or you may just be experiencing tremendous stress getting used to all your new life or career. Мay be you even had other problems before and practically changing the situation and the country won’t solve them- sometimes it will even make them worse. Depression, anxiety, worrying- this could be just a part of the picture.

I know how difficult this could be for anyone moving to a foreign country. I personally moved to live in another country and it took me years to get used to my new life. It was really stressing and overwhelming.

While Bulgaria is a very welcoming country in many aspects, and Bulgarian people are very hospitable, providing adequate psychological services in English,  to people whose mother language is English (or another language but they know English well) could be quite challenging. But problems of all kinds could be solved.

I have over 15 years of experience providing psychological services in Bulgaria and abroad. I am very familiar with your mindset, and I understand the problems that you can face in countries like Bulgaria. Because people everywhere are different, but in many aspects are the same.

So this is how I can help:

Life Coaching- deals with everyday problems: how to handle stress and worry regarding family matters, kids, your partner, missing a partner, new lifestyle, your hobbies, and dreams- or the lack of them.

Career coaching – How satisfied are you with your job? Don’t you think it’s important where and how you spend one-third of your day? One-third of your life? Are you suffering from the “Career Dissatisfaction Disease”? Are the hours you are supposed to be working and making your living spent with a sense of struggling, suffering, and being stressed out? Are you sick and tired of being overworked and underestimated? Over-stressed and underpaid? Or do you simply hate your job? We can change that together!

Psychological problems: depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, ADHD, panic disorder, phobia, and everything that makes you simply feel and say “I am not OK” or “I don’t feel well”.

To make an appointment and solve your problems, to better understand your situation, or simply talk to a person who understands you and will not judge you, with all your privacy protected, call me at 0885 26 44 00 or email for more information:;  Svetla Bankova

Please, read the following document below, because this is something that you’ll need to sign before your first session, as per the GDRP requirements and the requirements of our professional organizations:


The psychotherapy process is a voluntary interaction between two people, the client and the psychotherapist, and is conducted under certain conditions. Please, read the following conditions:

  • Psychotherapy is a voluntary process of growth and self-reflection where the client makes decisions on his own about his /her behavior during the psychotherapy sessions and in his personal life. The psychotherapist is not responsible for the last one.
  • Every session lasts 50 minutes and in the last 5 minutes, we make a revision of the session.
  • The price for every session is 120 leva/or 60 euros and is due right after the session or in advance if the session is agreed to be conducted online.
  • It is advisable for the session frequency to be once a week, at least at the beginning. However, there is no requirement for the number of sessions or the duration of the therapy. It depends on the problem, your time, and your financial possibilities. In case you cannot afford a session every week (financially or otherwise) we may agree on sessions every two weeks or once a month, depending on the case.
  • If the client cannot come for his scheduled session he needs to give 24 hours notice in advance (unless it’s an emergency). In case the client does not show up for a session and does not give a 24 hours notice in advance, the missed session must be paid.
  • All skype sessions are prepaid. This can be done via bank transfer or Paypal. Bank account: Raiffeisenbank, IBAN: BG64RZBB91551012690075; BIC: RZBBBGSF, “Integrative psychotherapy” OOD. Payment details: session. Paypal address:
  • In order to block time in my schedule for a skype session, please make the payment as soon as we have agreed upon the session’s date and time.
  • If our session is agreed to be online, we’ll agree also on what platform will be conducted: Zoom, messenger, skype etc
  • Every next session is agreed upon between the two parties after preliminary discussion for the time that is best suitable for both parties.
  • The client needs to advise the therapist if he is applying other methods of therapy- traditional medicine or nontraditional forms of treatment, if he took or is taking any medication at the moment,  if he/she has been hospitalized, and for what reasons.
  • The results of the psychotherapy are very individual, they depend on the relationship between the client and the therapist, the client’s motivation, and his ability to face his fears or his character limits that may be caused by possible traumas.
  • In case the client decides to discontinue the therapy before the therapist considers that the client is ready, the client needs to sign a declaration that he discontinues the therapy due to his own reasons. In this case, it is recommended to conduct one last session so the psychotherapy process can be properly closed.
  • The psychotherapist has the right to discontinue the sessions with the client if he considers that the client is not cooperating in the psychotherapy process or there is no progress, or in case other specialists should be involved: psychiatrist, medical doctor, etc.
  • Any information, shared with the therapist by the client is considered strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Exceptions are the cases when this information concerns serious crimes, planned or already conducted, situations of violence towards minors or children under 18, or specific plans for suicide or homicide, in a way specified and required by Bulgarian law.
  • Any information, collected from the client, i.e. name, marital status, address, email, phone number, place of work, and occupation is used only and strictly for the purposes of psychotherapy and will not be shared with any third party whatsoever unless required by the law.
  • The main rules in the psychotherapy process are openness, transparency, confidentiality, spontaneity, personal responsibility of the client during the psychotherapy session, group therapy or workshops; and feedback.

Methods of work: I consider myself an integrative therapist, but the main method I use in my work is analytical body psychotherapy. This is a body-oriented, bioenergetic method that works with body tensions, muscle contractions and symptoms, and the client’s awareness of them. The purpose of the therapy is conscious living, personal and spiritual growth, pleasure, and joy in life. The methods I use, depending on the case, may include elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, positive psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, art and dance therapy, and others. Everything within my knowledge and abilities in order to help my clients feel better about themselves and their lives.

Sometimes, my work may require some mindfulness and relaxation techniques, bioenergetics breathing, or physical exercise that is agreed on upfront with the client.  

I agree with the above conditions:

Client: /signature/: …………………………………………………… Date:……………………

For children under the age of 18 it is necessary the present document be signed by their parent or guardian:  

Signature of the parent:                                                                                            Date:

I would like to discontinue my psychotherapy due to my own reasons:

 Date:……………………                         Client  /signature/:……………………………………

 Svetla Bankova

MA in Counseling Psychology

American Public University

0885 264400

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