Psychotherapy for English Speaking

Psychotherapy in Bulgaria. Psychological consultations for English speaking. 

Svetla1118If you, by any chance, are moving to or live in Bulgaria or you are planning to stay there for quite some time– then Life coaching or psychotherapy in English is something you may be interested in.

Moving to another country is a challenge to many people. You may not know the language, you may have problems understanding the customs here, or you may just be experiencing tremendous stress getting used to all your new life or career. Мay be you even had other problems before and practically changing the situation and the country won’t solve them- sometimes it will even make them worse. Depression, anxiety, worrying- this could be just a part of the picture.

I know how difficult this could be for anyone moving to a foreign country. I personally moved to live in another country and it took me years to get used to my new life. It was really stressing and overwhelming.

While Bulgaria is a very welcoming country in many aspects, and Bulgarian people are very hospitable, providing adequate psychological services in English,  to people whose mother language is English (or another language but they know English well) could be quite challenging. But problems of all kinds could be solved.

I have over 15 years of experience providing psychological services in Bulgaria and abroad. I am very familiar with your mindset, and I understand the problems that you can face in countries like Bulgaria. Because people everywhere are different, but in many aspects are the same.

So this is how I can help:

Life Coaching- deals with everyday problems: how to handle stress and worry regarding family matters, kids, your partner, missing a partner, new life style, your hobbies, and dreams- or the lack of them.

Career coaching – How satisfied are you with your job? Don’t you think it’s important where and how you spend one-third of your day? One- third of your life? Are you suffering the “Career Dissatisfaction Disease”? Are the hours you are supposed to be working and making your living spent with sense of: struggling, suffering and being stressed out? Are you sick and tired of being overworked and underestimated? Over-stressed and underpaid? Or you simply hate your job? We can change that together!

Psychological problems: depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, ADHD, panic disorder, phobia, and everything that makes you simply feel and say “I am not OK” or “I don’t feel well”.

To make an appointment and solve your problems, to better understand your situation, or simply talk to a person who understands you and will not judge you, with all your privacy protected, call me at 0885 26 44 00 or email for more information:;  Svetla Bankova


Sessions are conducted via Skype, telephone or in person, if the situation and conditions allow. All sessions are 60 minutes, date and time arranged in advance. The cost is 50 levas/session, or their equivalency in euros or USD, payable at the time of the session, or in advance through Paypal, Epay or bank transfer. Contact me for details.


Confidentiality is very important and is a key to any relationship. It allows clients a safe place to process their personal issues. Confidentiality will be maintained and will not be disclosed without your written permission‚ except in the case of harm to self or others. So speaking, everything is between me and you and stays in my office.

Areas of International Coaching

We can discuss anything and everything that bothers you at this moment. Career issues, professional issues, relationship problems, lack of relationships, family dynamics, travel and moving problems, stress and emotional problems and concerns. How to make your life more interesting, less boring, more fulfilling. Lifestyle changes, or if you don’t know what you want or what path to take, you name it. I would love to help you in your endeavor. If it is out of my expertise, I’ll direct you to another professional.

Frequency of Sessions

Sessions can be “one-time thing”, once a week, once a month or every few months, as often as you need it or you can afford it. It’s your choice, there is no obligation.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment‚ please do so 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Your agreed upon fee will be charged for the time reserved when cancellations are received less than 24 hours in advance.

For more information, check my website in English:

 Svetla Bankova

MA in Counseling Psychology

American Public University

0885 264400

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